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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

1. Stiebeiner, Ariane (2013) Nanofiber-based spectroscopy of organic molecules Dissertation
2. Parvez, Khaled (2014) Chemical exfoliation of graphene and its application in organic electronics and energy storage devices Dissertation
3. Barea Roldán, Diana (2012) Functional characterization of the placenta specific protein PLAC1 and its use for cancer immunotherapy Dissertation
4. Hoffmann, Sebastian (2014) Optimized scheduling in real-time environments with column generation Dissertation
5. Wünsche von Leupoldt, Anica (2014) Bio-inspired polymer-supported nitrido molybdenum(VI) complexes for ammonia synthesis − reactivity towards protons and electrons : EPR investigations on paramagnetic molybdenum(V) and copper(II) complexes Dissertation
6. Kleiner, Verena (2014) Plasmonic nanoparticles as sensors : a novel approach to quantify adsorption and diffusion kinetics Dissertation
7. Seelmann, Albrecht (2014) Perturbation theory for spectral subspaces Dissertation
8. Richters, Dorothee (2014) Novel algorithms for electronic structure based molecular dynamics with linear system-size scaling Dissertation
9. Schmitt, Verena (2014) Regulation des Proteins Alpha-Synuclein während der zellulären Alterung Dissertation
10. Löhr, Corinna (2014) Mythos und Mathematik : Hermann Brochs Roman "Die Schuldlosen" und seine Essays Dissertation