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Ergebnis der ArchiMeD-Datenbankabfrage

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1. Barth, Andreas (2015) Banking regulation in the aftermath of the crisis : towards a more stable financial system? Dissertation
2. Bartels, Bernhard (2015) Essays on credit rating agencies and the assessment of sovereign risk Dissertation
3. Cherepnev, Alexey (2015) Stochastic foundations of dynamic trade and labor market models Dissertation
4. Schwenke, Richard (2014) A multi-regional view on aging societies accounting for the existence of non-tradable goods Dissertation
5. Of, Jan (2014) Brand formative design - development and assessment of product design from a future, brand and consumer perspective Dissertation
6. Brand, Bastian (2013) Management control systems : subcomponents, optimal design and the role of time as a contingency Dissertation
7. Bode, Claudia ; Irnich, Stefan (2011) Cut-first branch-and-price-second for the capacitated arc-routing problem Sonstige Dokumente
8. Wälde, Klaus (2010) Applied intertemporal optimization Sonstige Dokumente
9. Baldus, Christoph (2010) Entwicklung des Emirates Qatar : Strategien - Probleme - Erfolge Masterarbeit
Ergebnis 1 - 9 von 9  1    Gehe zu Seite
von 1